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Sewer Main Extension Policies & Procedures

  1. Any property owner of a parcel of land located on an existing public way can request a sewer main extension to serve their property. This policy does not apply to sewer extensions that may be required to serve new subdivisions.
  2. A property owner desiring a sewer extension to serve his property can request that a ‘cost estimate” be prepared by the District. The District shall provide a “petition form” requesting that a cost estimate by prepared. The property owner(s) desiring the sewer extension shall circulate the petition and return the form to the District.
  3. The District shall prepare a cost estimate for the requested sewer extension. The cost to develop the preliminary cost estimate shall be paid by the District.
  4. The District shall provide each potential abutter with a written copy of the estimated cost of the sewer extension and the projected cost per service connection.
  5. The cost of the extension shall be divided by the number of service connections to determine the cost per connection. Consideration shall be given to pro-rating service connection to reflect similar usage. (multi-unit vs. single family)
  6. The District may schedule a public hearing with all abutters to provide information and answer questions regarding the potential sewer extension.
  7. If property owners desiring the sewer extension indicate their willingness to pay for the cost of the extension, the District shall prepare a “Memorandum of Understanding” which states the terms and conditions of the sewer extension. A Petitioner who signs the “Memorandum of Understanding” shall be committed to his share of the cost of the sewer extension.
  8. The District shall provide financing to property owners for the cost of the “Sewer Connection” Fee. The Interest Rate shall be set by the Trustees and shall reflect the cost of financing and expenses incurred for by the District. The term for financing provided by the District shall be for a maximum of ten years. The financing shall be secured with mortgage on the property being served. There shall not be any pre-payment penalty on the financing. The District shall not subrogate their position on the mortgage if the owner of the property refinances his property. If a property owner sells the property, the connection fee is due in full.
  9. If sufficient signatures are affixed to the Memorandum of Agreement, the Trustees shall consider and may approve the proposed sewer main extension.
  10. The Trustees reserve the right to waive any provision of this policy of procedure if it is deemed in the best interest of the District and all sewer system ratepayers.
  11. For a period of ten years after the extension is complete, the District shall collect a Connection Fee for each additional sewer connection made directly to this sewer extension. The District shall reimburse, or credit, the Connection Fee to the original petitioners of the sewer extension at a ratio equivalent to their Initial Connection Fee.
  12. The Connection Fee shall increase annually by an amount equal to the financing interest rate charged by the District for all parties connecting to the sewer main after the first year. At the end of the ten-year period after the sewer extension is completed, the connection fee shall be ‘capped”, meaning that it will not be increased by further interest charges, but also that it will not be decreased by any adjustment based on the total number of connections. The Connection Fee at the end of the ten-year period after the sewer extension is completed shall not exceed the amount of the lowest Connection Fee assessed during the ten-year period after the sewer extension is completed.
  13. To encourage connections to be made immediately after a sewer extension has been completed, the District shall waive the “Sewer Capacity Fee” for all connections made within the first twelve months of the sewer main being placed in service.
  14. No sewer extension with lift stations shall be approved if gravity sewer is possible. The District shall consider “low pressure sewer” when force mains or gravity sewers are not practicable.
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