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Love Lake Auburn

Protect Lake Auburn

Our Promise

Lake Auburn is one of our most valued community resources, we all love Lake Auburn and as a community we will work together to protect this historic, economic, and ecological gem. We will continue to love and protect Lake Auburn for generations to come.

Our Goals

  • Protect our lake
  • Be good stewards of the investments of resident and community members

It is our goal to dispel rumors while providing accurate and updated facts, and figures that members of the Auburn community should know – both about the current events (such as zoning updates) and our continued ongoing efforts to protect our lake.

How can you Love Lake Auburn? 

We know we join our entire community when we say we love Lake Auburn, and it is our goal to protect Lake Auburn for future generations, while setting standards of excellence that sustain our environment and properly steward the investments of residents and community members of the City of Auburn.

You can join us in showing your love for Lake Auburn by: 

Protect Lake Auburn

Asking: If you have a question, submit it here. Answering your questions and starting a community conversation is the number one way to protect Lake Auburn and to ensure that we’re all aware of past, current and ongoing efforts not only by Auburn Water District, but also by partner agencies, organizations and businesses – such as the City of Auburn. Ask fellow community members if they know what it means to protect Lake Auburn. Ask more questions and we’ll work to get you the most accurate, data backed answers.

Pausing: Many organizations contribute to ensuring a clean and affordable water supply for our communities. And that means, there is a LOT of information circulating about current issues surrounding Lake Auburn. We encourage you to pause when hearing information about the Lake, development, environmental sustainability and the protection of our beloved lake. Ask questions, visit the original source of information (right here!). Start a conversation, and keep it going.

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