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December 2, 2020

Public access to the Auburn Water and Sewerage Districts’ facilities is suspended until further notice. Staff is working, responding to calls and emails. In-home service appointments have been limited to only those that are essential. Appointments can be made for urgent business. District staff is committed to providing the same vital services to our customers 24/7.

Many customers will benefit from the convenience of managing their accounts online. Our site,, allows users to make payments, view/print invoices and view account history. Please call the office if you need assistance setting up an online account.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding water or sewer service, please feel free to contact us at 207-784-6469 or

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay Safe.


Why Do We Flush the Pipes?

Why Do We Flush the Pipes?

Flushing water mains improves water quality by removing sediment that can build up at the bottom of the water main over time. The sediment comes from internal corrosion of the water mains over many years. Flushing is often done twice a year between season.

Our Water Comes From Lake Auburn

Our Water Comes From Lake Auburn

Lake Auburn provides clean drinking water for Lewiston and Auburn. The quality of the water is maintained through watershed management
efforts, education and outreach

Due to it’s high water quality and EPA filtration waiver, Lake Auburn is not filtered before it’s treated.